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Affiliate Business Club

Affiliate Business Club is a community that connects members in the affiliate marketing industry. The primary goals of the platform are to promote its community events and courses. Also, to give a better chance to its members to grow their network and meet new people.

I worked on this project as a freelancer in 2021. They already had branding elements and they were using a retrofitted WordPress theme to run the platform, but as the community grew bigger the client wanted something handcrafted.

User flow and information architecture

The user flow is straightforward as you can see. The main purpose of it was just to organize the content of the website and make it as intuitive as possible so the user knows the purpose of each section easily.

Introducing paid members

With the platform design update, the client wanted to introduce a paid members plan. They already had a price in mind for the paid members which is 30 euros.

My suggestion for the pricing model was to have 3 tiers of profiles and add the concept of tokens or coins that people use to join events or courses that can be priced differently depending on the content.

upgrade modal
Upgrade modal

The free accounts will get five coins each month which they can use on various events or courses. When they run out of coins they can either buy more coins for 15 euros or subscribe to the premium plan and get unlimited coins.

I used this model to make the premium option looks more attractive. Because if someone wants to join multiple events and courses, instead of buying a limited amount of coins that allows them to join 3 or 4 more events and courses, it would become much more appealing to pay a little extra and get unlimited events and courses for the month.

free vs premium account
Free vs premium account

Premium accounts also get a cool badge next to their avatar everywhere on the platform to show it off. And they get an advantage in talking to new people because they would have the ability to customize the intro that gets sent with a new chat request. So many people can use that as a sales pitch to other users on the platform.

premium badge
Premium badge

Discover people

Besides searching the platform for people in specific industries or those who have a certain title, we added a more personal (and tinder-like) discover section to connect with people that are similar to you and make new friends. But there was a limit on the number of recommended people on the free accounts to give an advantage to premium users.

discover people
Discover people example


On the chat page, users were able to chat with their events attendees, course peers, general purpose channels, or chat directly with other users. And since this list of channels can grow quite fast, new chat requests that deserve the most attention get pushed to the top of the list. Also, there’s an option to filter this list to view only the channels that have unread messages.

chat example
Chat example

When somebody sends a new chat request with a custom message, it appears like this to the receiver, and then when they accept this request, the message stays visible as a normal message to keep the history of all the interactions between those two users available.

Chat new request
Chat new request
Chat after acceptance
Chat after acceptance

Figma prototype

Here are prototypes for both desktop and mobile sizes, so please feel free to take a look and navigate around.

Registration - Desktop view - Mobile view

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, feel free to reach out to me at any time through the below links and let me know what do you think of this outcome.

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